After the beheading of a sportswoman, fear hangs over celebrities in Afghanistan


Former national coach of the national team Afghan Soraya Afdali, who still resides in AfghanistanShe stated to more than one international media outlet that the player Hijabi Hakimi was killed in the capital, Kabul, and that the fighters cut off her head, explaining that her family is reluctant to announce any details about the incident, for fear of the subsequent consequences. Then she said that Hijab was one of the most prominent female volleyball players in the country.

The Afghan investigative journalist, Mukhtar Wafai, confirmed these news, stressing in more than one post on his Twitter page that the incident came nearly two months later, which resembles the truce that the movement has committed to personalities and public life in the country.

The announcement of the killing of the Afghan player came about two weeks after the incident, according to the Afghan national coach, because the victim’s family and her circle of friends received subsequent threats from the movement to punish them if they announced the details of what happened.

The source stated that the movement is still pursuing the rest of the players in the Afghan national volleyball team in particular, because the players of this team were the most famous and influential on local public opinion, after achieving outstanding results in this sport at the regional and international levels, and the participation of a clear majority of them in television programs and advertisements. in Afghanistan, where they became the “stars of society” for Afghan women.

Players of the national and local teams of various sports in Afghanistan have fled the country for the past three months, with the control of Taliban authority in the country, especially in neighboring countries. But only two players from the women’s national volleyball team were among the escapees.

Escape and fear

Despite many international calls to rescue and allow Afghan players to leave the country, including the Secretary-General of the United Nations, few Afghan women football, basketball and plane players have so far been able to leave Afghanistan, and the rest are exposed to various forms of pressure, as many of them are hiding from sight.

The former player in the Okaban Hindukush Football Club, Amadi Barhad, who is currently residing in the capital, Berlin, explained in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the conditions of Afghan athletes at the present time, “The Taliban movement is experiencing an internal contradiction regarding its position on sports. From one side, many appear From local leaders of the movement at sporting events and events, to suggest that the movement is tolerant of exercise.”

He added that “the movement also prevents all women’s participation in any sport, such as preventing women from any other activity, whether education, work or any other matter. The movement is satisfactorily afraid of anyone who may gain public fame, especially among youth, athletes and mathematicians.” They do more than that.”

Barhoud added, “There are tracking, follow-up and control campaigns implemented by the movement in various regions of Afghanistan to reshape the sporting activity in the country, so that it conforms to and abides by the standards set by the movement. Any sports figure who has an opinion or a political stance rejecting the movement, the movement punishes them with exaggerated severity.”

In addition to the sports players, the Taliban have targeted many public figures in the Balaj, such as the poet and Hilaman Zunduy. The movement also arrested the Afghan comedian Nizar Muhammad “Khasha”, whose body was later found, and the movement later admitted to killing him.

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