After their help, the “Brotherhood” is begging Turkey to mediate and release its youth from Egypt’s prisons


a few hours after The Brotherhood’s youth in Egypt’s prisons are calling for peace or settlement with the stateThe Brotherhood, through its organizations, parties and personalities, called on several governments and countries, led by Turkey, to mediate with Cairo, to rescue them and release them.

In an official statement titled “Scholars of the Nation” and signed by 16 Muslim Brotherhood affiliates and supporters, the group appealed to many countries of the world to rescue its youth in Egyptian prisons, pardon and release them, based on what it described as the requirements of human brotherhood and historical responsibility.

The statement claimed that striving to save the group’s youth in prisons is a legitimate, moral and humanitarian duty, calling for intensified efforts by all its affiliated bodies to pressure the Egyptian authorities and release the youths detained in prisons.

Some Brotherhood members during the trial "archival"

Some Brotherhood members during the trial (archive)

The statement was signed by a number of figures affiliated with the group, such as Dr. Ahmed Raissouni, President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Ali Al-Qardaghi, Secretary General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sagheer, a former member of the People’s Assembly and a leader in the group, a fugitive to Turkey, and dozens of personalities in the Scholars Association Muslims in Lebanon and professors in Malaysian and Turkish universities.

The Brotherhood’s youth in Egypt’s prisons had launched a new initiative in which they called on the group’s leaders to intervene, and to request mediation from any country in the world to pardon and pardon them.

Young Brotherhood detainees in Wadi al-Natrun prisons, which are Prison 430, 440, 1 and Al-Malhaq, Tora prisons, which are reception and investigation, Liman, Gamasa maximum security prison, Minya prisons, which are Liman and high security, and Burj Al Arab prisons in Alexandria, which are Hadra and Al-Aba’iya, sent a letter to their leaders in Istanbul, Turkey, and the British capital London, they demanded In it, to intervene in any way to end what they described as their suffering and the suffering of their families and children, to save them and save their future from a mysterious fate.

The youth of the group called on their leaders to exploit President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s announcement of Egypt’s strategy for human rights and to enter into any deal that the state wants, whether settlement or reconciliation, to guarantee, according to them, that its projects or plans will not be objected.

The youth of the Brotherhood wrote In their message delivered through intermediaries to a group leader In Switzerland, who in turn communicated it to the two sides of the conflict within the group in Istanbul and London, that after the death of Mohamed Morsi, the country had a legitimate president, a constitution, a complete state and complete institutions, adding, and we are if we are expressing a segment that represents most of the detainees, according to what was declared on September 11 on the occasion of Launching the Human Rights Strategy We announce that we support what has been declared, and we agree to a comprehensive reconciliation or settlement within the framework set by the state to bring us back to life.

Although the statement mentioned all the prisons in which detainees from the group are present, it excluded the Scorpion prison, in which the leaders of the group are located in Egypt, which indicates great differences and gaps between the leaders and their youth, and the young people’s realization that the leaders will not agree to this initiative and will not abandon their ideas and their approach in Fighting the state and pursuing violence.

Two years ago, the youth and members of the Brotherhood imprisoned in Egypt launched an initiative asking the state to pardon them, expressing their desire to form a committee led by the Sheikh of Al-Azhar to conduct the required reviews and mediate for them with Egyptian state officials.

They added that the group’s leaders, after the youth launched their previous initiative, which was called the “5,000 dollar initiative”, tried to search and search for the owners of this initiative and messages inside prisons, specifically in Tora prison.

The youth demanded the formation of a committee of elites, political forces and representatives of parties, led by the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, the head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation and leaders of the Salafist call to mediate for them with the state, and to make sure that they abandoned the Brotherhood and its ideas that led them to imprisonment and the end of their dreams and aspirations in life.

The initiative came after another in which 1,350 members of the group in prisons submitted a message to state officials asking for amnesty, stressing that they are fully prepared to review their positions, and hope for a new opportunity in which they work to re-join the fabric of their society, and coexist in complete peace with their fellow countrymen.

The youth of the group pledged not to participate in politics at all, and to quit all forms of public work, including advocacy and charitable work, provided that the activity of each young man was limited to restoring his personal and family life, adding that they were willing and as a goodwill gesture to pay a proposed sum of money of $5,000 for each individual. This will provide the state with sums of more than five billion pounds, at least.

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