“Agriculture”: Starting the implementation of the infrastructure of water transfer paths for the new delta lands


Naim Moselhi, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for horizontal expansion, confirmed that the New Delta project is built on an area of ​​2.2 million acres, with a target of cultivating one million acres, and all land studies have been completed and arable lands are determined.

He said during a telephone interview on the “Today” program broadcast on the channel:DMC“Spaces have been allocated in the new delta to be used to implement integrated development projects, and the implementation of the infrastructure for water transfer paths for arable lands in the new delta has begun.

He explained that one of the advantages of the New Delta project area is its presence on the Rod al-Farag axis, and its connection with many governorates, and its link to the roads leading to sea and land ports.

He stated that a giant water treatment plant will be established to serve the new delta project and accommodate 7.5 million cubic meters per day of water.

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