Aiten Amer mocks Reham Hajjaj’s appearance at the El Gouna Festival 2021


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Actress Aiten Amer mocked Reham Hajjaj’s appearance in… El Gouna Festival 2021And a documented account bearing the name of the Egyptian artist published a sarcastic phrase from the star of the series, “Everything we part.”

The documented account included the phrase “Safra Zero”, in reference to the appearance of Reham Hajjaj, who relied on her appearance on the red carpet of the El Gouna Festival on a tight white dress based on embroidery and chains of the same color, topped by a white waist belt, and after the appearance of Reham Hajjaj on the red carpet, Iten Amer ironic phrase to continue the war of words between the duo.

The crisis of Reham Hajjaj and Ayten Amer

The crisis began in series “Everything We Separate,” a few weeks ago, when director Karim El-Adl, director of photography Sameh El-Amir and author Mohamed Amin Radi announced their withdrawal from completing the work.

At that time, the news and veiled statements circulated, that this withdrawal came due to the interventions the artist Reham Hajjaj in the details of the work, and her desire for the work to proceed according to her whim

Reham Hajjaj decided not to respond at all directly to the news of the withdrawal, but wrote a vague post through the short story feature of her account on Instagram, in which she said: “He sees the ugly in beauty as a challenge to him, and the stupid in intelligence as aggression against him, and the outrageous in morals feels naked, and the worst of them is the failure When he sees in the success of others a contempt for his person and a threat to his attempt to exist.”

The full story of the crisis of Reham Hajjaj and Ayten Amer because of the series "And all that we part"

The war of words between Reham Hajjaj and Aiten Amer

Aiten Amer’s comment on Reham Hajjaj’s dress is not the first in an exchange of statements between them, but the underlying complaints began on social media, when the artist Aiten Amer wrote, “This sentence is frightening: “All mistakes are forgiven by God, except for the injustice of the servants, which depends on their forgiveness.”

The full story of the crisis of Reham Hajjaj and Ayten Amer because of the series "And all that we part"

After that, Reham Hajjaj responded with an old memory, which she re-shared through her personal account on Facebook, in which “the sweet kid was made” came to comment on her, saying “and still is.”

For her part, Aiten Amer tweeted through her account on the short tweeting site Twitter, a few days ago, a mysterious tweet, in which she explained that there is a problem that she would like to disclose to the public, because God knows her and the artistic community is also aware of it.

Aiten Amer said in her tweet: “I will tell God everything, our Lord is sure and knows. Ok, I will tell the center everything, what is this medium, with its consent, you know, then I will tell the audience and God helps.”

And news began to spread, about Aiten Amer creating crises inside the filming site, in addition to being late for her appointments, and also her desire to increase the space of her role at the expense of the space of the role of Reham Hajjaj, and therefore this is the cause of the crisis.

Which Aiten Amer could not stand in front of silently, but she responded through social networking sites, denouncing these rumors in her sarcastic way, stressing that she is committed to some people not to talk about the crisis, so she will not speak until after obtaining their consent.

The audience interacts with Ayten Amer

After Aiten Amer published her publication in which she mocked Riham Hajjaj’s appearance at the El Gouna Festival with the phrase “Sahara Safra”, indicating that the white color is not appropriate for Hajjaj, the audience interacted with Aiten Amer’s account in comments that varied between the sarcastic of Riham Hajjaj’s appearance and the attacking one. Leighton Amer.

Aiten Amer mocks Reham Hajjaj's appearance at the El Gouna Festival 2021

Commenting on Aiten Amer’s post, he said: “You are enough to explain to each other on the communication platforms, this is not a respectful way at all. You are not sitting on a bench and it is assumed that you are big stars, the shame of what you are doing is this.” At a time when people are attacking bullying, and you are supposed to be a star to support, you are bullying a female colleague.

On the other hand, some mocked the appearance of Reham Hajjaj in comments, including: “You have a right, no matter what you do, what you love”, “Always heavy”, “Neither yellow is useful, nor white is useful.”


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