Aiten Amer’s house was stormed, and the artist was crying out for help. I know the details


The artist, Aiten Amer, announced that her house was stormed by unknown persons, through her personal account on the “Facebook” website.

Aiten wrote, “A suffocation under the house, the parents of the boy who was suffocating. Al-Awda Gate.”

She added, “And from the dialect, my phone sat outside, and I did not find anything other than the iPad, and I did not know how to call anyone, so I wrote so that the jumper would come to me, so I thought I would go to the balcony, and people would follow me.”

She continued, “Praise be to God, they came out and they were all completely reassured, and the people understood them that no one was suffocating in the first place, and they apologized and walked the area with men in it.


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