Ajay relies on the terms of the contract to obtain the participation rate and refuses the Al-Ahly fine


Junior Ajayi, the Al-Ahly club player who is on the waiting list, informed his club management that he refuses not to pay the participation rate to him for the new season, especially since his contract does not contain a clause regarding the participation rate, as he receives the value of his contract in full, whether in the case of participation or in the event of non-participation.

Ajay also announced his refusal to charge him a fine of 300,000 pounds, which was imposed on the players against the background of the Egyptian Super Championship in front of the Vanguard of the Army.

Al-Ahly set a date with Ismaili in the opening matches of the league championship for the 2021/2022 season, after the draw for the new league was made by the Professional Clubs Association.

Al-Ahly’s confrontation with Ismaili at the opening of the league was not the first historically, but was preceded by 5 previous confrontations in the opening round, where Al-Ahly won twice, drew in two matches and lost one against the Dervish, during which he scored 6 goals and received 4 goals.


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