Al-Adl Group contracts with Reham Hajjaj after Yousra and Nelly Karim


Al-Adl Group contracted with the artist Reham Hajjaj after Yousra and Nelly Karim, after the successes achieved by Riham Hajjaj during the past years, especially the series that she presented during the month of Ramadan in the past years.

Al-Adl Group is considered one of the most important film and drama production companies in the Arab world and the region, known for its qualitative selection of dramas and the artists it contracts with to present its works annually. A work of her production is a Saedi movie at the American University, which achieved the largest revenues in the history of cinema at the time in 1998 and presented a group of new faces that all became heroes of cinema and drama, such as Mohamed Henedy, Ahmed El-Sakka, Hani Ramzy, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Tariq Lotfy and Ghada Adel, and then the mass works in the cinema followed. Such as “Hammam in Amsterdam, mafia, a cultural film, I want to take off, the owner of his friend, the best times, Maulana.”

“Al-Adl Group” also presented a large group of series, “The Signs” with the big stars, such as Mahmoud Al-Masry with the late Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz, “The Morning and Evening Talk” with Laila Elwi, Raya and Sakina with Abla Kamel and Sumaya Al-Khashab and a large group of stars, “Oasis of Sunset” with Bossi, and “Fi Ed”. Amina with Yusra and Muhammad Ramadan, and with 100 Wush, and Prison for Women with Nelly Karim, and the Jewish Quarter with Menna Shalaby and a group of stars, Eagle of Upper Egypt with Muhammad Ramadan, and many other series with the company’s stars such as “The King of Spirituality, Ordinary Dreams, Nightingale, A Story of Shaab and Pomegranate of the Balance and above the level of suspicion and between The palaces are under control, the public secret, the preacher, our master, the red wax, and the land of hypocrisy.

And the star, Reham Hajjaj, announced, on the sidelines of her presence at the El Gouna Festival, some details of her contract with producer Jamal El-Adl on the new series in which she is running the next Ramadan drama race, and the series is written by Ayman Salama, directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, and the work makers will meet during the next few days To find out all the details of the series, to nominate the participating artists, and to set a date for the start of filming.

Actress Reham Hajjaj competed in the last Ramadan drama through the series “And We Do Not Separate”, starring Ahmed Fahmy, Amr Abdel-Jalil Rania Youssef, Ayten Amer, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, Tariq Abdel Aziz, Hajar Ahmed, Rehab El-Gamal, Mohamed Gomaa, Ahmed Siam. Produced by Tariq Al-Janayni, directed by Mustafa Abu Seif.

The star, Reham Hajjaj, is currently in El Gouna, where she is attending the activities of the El Gouna Film Festival, and Reham appeared yesterday on the red carpet for the opening ceremony of the festival in its fifth session, with a dazzling look and a white dress that caught the lights.


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