Al-Ahly and the National Guard’s shot brings Al-Ahly’s star back to the bench… and a final threat to the new talent –


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South African Betso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly club, turned against a number of players in the team after the poor performance against the Gendrame champion Niger in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

Mosimane decided to take strict technical measures with the negligent players, who did not perform well in the red ranks during the coming period.

And the Al-Ahly club news site learned Ahly News Mosimane wants to continue his achievements with the team, and a technical punishment for any player on the technical level who does not participate well with the team during the coming period.

The source added that Musimani blamed the team’s defender, Yasser Ibrahim, after the volatile performance against the Niger champion in the match that brought the two sides together in the African Champions League.

The source stressed that the coach criticized all the players who failed against the Niger champion, in light of the lack of good participation and the implementation of the instructions that he had always demanded before and during the match.

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Mosimane threatened the player with the bench if any technical instructions were not implemented, in light of the lack of good positioning and the good defense of the goal and the ease of dribbling that was carried out by the opponent’s players.

On the other hand, Musimani threatened Al-Ahly club player Taher Taher to stay on the bench and not rely on his services again in the ranks of Al-Ahly club.

Musimani believes that Taher is still in need of technical and mental rehabilitation, given that he did not provide any very good technical level, as the technical director agreed with him.

Taher lacks the readiness that he had with the Arab Contractors in a previous period, especially since he did not provide the performance agreed upon earlier with the technical director of the Red Castle.

Taher Taher caused a loud shout from the coach on the field, after he lacked many offensive aspects and lacked mental fitness or implemented the instructions of the technical staff well.

Mosimane is scheduled to make a new decision with Taher about sitting on the bench and not paying him mainly, if Al-Shahat recovers during the next period from his injury.

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