Al-Ahly tightens the screws on Ramadan Sobhi and directs 3 annoying strikes against him –


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Ramadan Sobhi, a player for the Pyramids team and the Egyptian national team, received more than a strong blow from the Al-Ahly club during the next short period of time.The relationship of Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids winger, with Al-Ahly Club has ended, due to the way he left the Red Castle last season and his preference to wear the Pyramids team shirt over the red offer to buy his contract from the English ranks of Huddersfield.

Al-Ahly managed to tighten the screws on Ramadan Sobhi, as follows:

Contracting with Percy Tao for a value equal to Ramadan Sobhi

South African professional Percy Tao, the newcomer to Al-Ahly club, is equal in marketing value with Ramadan Sobhi, with a value of 3 million euros.

And after the value of Ramadan Sobhi was the strongest and most expensive in the Premier League last season, Al-Ahly club now has a player equal with him in marketing value.

He grabbed Sobhi’s attention early

The football apparatus in Al-Ahly club is intensifying its attempts at the present time, in order to prepare the South African professional Percy Tau to appear in the start of the Premier League competition in a distinctive way, in order to catch everyone’s attention early.

Percy Tau has already recovered from the injury he suffered in the adductor muscle, and is medically ready to participate in the Ismaili match on October 27 at the Borg El Arab stadium in Alexandria.

A deal from the English Premier League

The Al-Ahly club managed to compensate for the departure of “former Huddersfield player” Ramadan Sobhi, by obtaining the services of another deal from the English Premier League by contracting permanently with Percy Tau, who is expected to shed light on him in the coming period.

And the technical staff of Al-Ahly club had managed to contract with Percy Tau, with a financial value of one million and 800 thousand euros, in 3 installments, of which the red administration paid the first installment of 600 thousand euros.

The value of Percy Tau’s contract with Al-Ahly club is set to be one million and 200 thousand euros per season.

The technical staff of Al-Ahly club, led by South African Pitso Mosimane, places great hopes on the success of the Percy Tau deal in order to strengthen the position of the left wing.

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