Al-Bahr Al-Azam Street was completely closed in the direction of Abbas Tunnel for 6 days


09:09 PM

Sunday 17 October 2021


Giza Governorate announces the start of the installation of the metal beam for the newly built Al-Bahr Al-Adham House, coming from the Ring Road from Maadi and leading to Al-Bahr Al-Azam Street in the direction of Al-Moneeb Square, within the project of developing and expanding the Ring Road, whose implementation is supervised by the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport. .

Giza Governorate indicates that the matter will require a complete closure of Al-Bahr Al-Adham Street in the direction coming from Al-Munib Square in the direction of Abbas Tunnel, specifically at the intersection of Al-Bahr Al-Adham Street with the house of the current ring road coming from Maadi towards Al-Bahr Al-Azam Street, for a period of 6 days, starting from At 12 am on Monday, corresponding to October 18, until 5 am on Sunday, October 24, provided that business will be 24 hours a day.

The governorate notes that the Giza Traffic General Department has prepared the following traffic diversion to facilitate the citizens as follows:

First: The movement of vehicles on Al-Bahr Al-Adham Street coming from Al-Moneeb Square and wishing to walk in the direction of Abbas Tunnel, you will go left through the distance between the concrete pillars of the new house, which is approximately 30 meters long.

Second: Walking in the other direction (the direction coming from Abbas Tunnel towards Munib Square) for a distance of approximately 70 meters after diverting it to two directions by separating traffic directions with temporary concrete dividers to ensure that there is no overlap and conflict in the directions of vehicle movement.

2- Returning again to Al-Bahr Al-Adham Street in the original direction (leading to Abbas Tunnel) after bypassing the business area by creating an opening for vehicles to exit on Al-Bahr Al-Azam Street.

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