Al-Kuwait Al-Kuwaiti qualifies for the Arab Basketball Championship final after defeating Zahra Al-Tunisi


The Kuwaiti-Kuwaiti team succeeded in qualifying for the final of the Arab Club Basketball Championship No. 33, which will be held in Alexandria, after defeating the Tunisian team Al-Zahraa 80/83, in the match that brought them together this Friday evening at the Burj Al Arab hall.

The match was exciting between the two sides, as Al-Zahra dominated the beginning of the match, but the Kuwaiti team returned quickly from the second half and succeeded in making the difference.

The first period witnessed the victory of Al-Zahra Al-Tunisi with a score of 21/17, and in the second period Kuwait outperformed Kuwait with a score of 42/33, and in the third period Kuwait continued its superiority, advancing with a score of 63/58, while the fourth period came with a score of 80/83.

The final match will be held tomorrow, Saturday, between Al-Kuwait Al-Kuwaiti, and the winner of the Al-Ittihad of Alexandria and Al-Ahly match, which will be held shortly.


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