Al-Masry supports Islam Issa after being injured in the Pyramids match and Azzam Al-Tanzania


The Egyptian club was keen to support and support its former player, Islam Issa, the current wing of the Pyramids team, after he was injured in his team’s match against Azzam Al-Tanzania yesterday, Saturday.

Al-Masry wrote on his official account: “Our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery to our former player, Islam Issa, who suffered a severe nose injury yesterday, Saturday, during the match of his current team, Pyramids, against its Tanzanian host, Azzam Sport, in the Confederation Cup.”

Walid Mahdi, Administrative Director of Pyramids, appealed to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa to intervene to save Islam Issa, the team’s player, who was injured during his participation with his team in the Azzam Tanzanian Confederation Cup match, which ended in a negative draw.

Mahdi said, in televised statements: We are now at the Addis Ababa Transit Airport after leaving Tanzania, and Islam Issa had suffered a fracture and bleeding in his nose, and he was now exposed to a noticeable lack of oxygen, and the club’s management requested that the player enter a hospital in the interest of his life.

He added: We ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene to save the player, because we have been at the Ethiopian airport for 45 minutes, and we cannot move, and there is incomprehensible intransigence towards us, and this is a critical situation, but there is a state of lack of understanding.


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