Al-Naqaz: There is a possibility for me to return to Zamalek… and this is what I hope for


Hamdi Al-Naqaz, who recently transferred to Al-Ahly Jeddah Club, confirmed that there is a possibility to return to Zamalek after the expiry of his contract with the Saudi club, indicating that he wishes to return to the Tunisian national team through the team’s portal.

Hours ago, Al-Ahly Jeddah Club announced the official contract with Hamdi Al-Naqaz in a free transfer deal for one season, provided that he will leave the team after the end of the current season.

Al-Naqaz said in statements on the Tunisian Radio Mosaique: “Praise be to God, I signed a year with the Ahly Jeddah Club, and God willing, it will be a good period, and I have great ambitions with my family in Jeddah.”

He added: “The last moments were not easy, there were no negotiations with any other clubs in Egypt, as was said, except for the negotiations with Pyramids, which were unsuccessful, and my agent worked on my transfer to Ahli Jeddah.”

He continued: “I have not joined the Tunisian national team for a while, and I hope that Al Ahly Jeddah Club will be a gateway to my return to the national team, and I am determined to do so.”

Al-Naqaz continued: “I am satisfied with my experience with Esperance Club and I left the club without any problems, and anyone who wishes to play for a big team like Esperance, and an agreement was made to return to Zamalek again, but I did not succeed to be with the team.”

He continued: “I signed with Zamalek for 3 years, but the law and after the restriction was banned, I had to move freely, and of course there is a possibility to return to Zamalek, and we will see what happens if I stay with my family in Jeddah, and this goes back to negotiations, but the most important thing is that I present an excellent season with a great team.” “.

Al-Naqaz concluded his statements: “Luck has been against me a bit during the last period and I did not play permanently, so I moved away from the national team, but with my first call-up, I will give a good return and return to my level again.”

Al-Naqaz had signed contracts to return to Zamalek again, but he was not registered due to the decision of the International Football Association “FIFA” to stop the White Castle from being registered.

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