Al-Shater: Al-Ahly achieved what Barcelona failed to do..and is not afraid to play in Ismailia


Islam Al-Shater, the former Al-Ahly player, confirmed that Al-Ahly club wants to play against Ismaili in Ismailia, and is not afraid to face any team in the league.

Islam Al-Shater said during his presentation of the “The Big House” program: “Al-Ahly has no relationship from near or far to the stadium of its match with Ismaili.

Islam Al-Shater added: “Messi walked from Barcelona because of their economic problems due to the spread of the Corona virus, but Al-Ahly was able to maintain its economic form, the spirit of any player or employee in Al-Ahly telling you money with Al-Ahly?”

Islam Al-Shater explained: “In light of the Corona pandemic, there is no one in Al-Ahly whose salary is a month’s endowment, Al-Ahly’s budget exceeded two and a half billion.”

Al-Ahly team resumed its group training, after the end of the period of rest that the players obtained for 48 hours after returning from Niger after playing its match against the National Guard, the champion of Niger, in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, in preparation for the return match next Saturday at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium..

Musimani wants to prepare Al-Ahly players well in order to provide a distinguished level in the return match against the National Guard, and to address the mistakes that the players made during their participation in the first leg match in Nigeria, which ended in a positive tie with a goal for the same, especially the defensive errors that are still present, despite the theoretical lectures he held. Pitso Mosimane with the players to correct these mistakes and avoid them from happening in the upcoming matches of the new season.


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