Algerias Foreign Minister talks to RT about the nature of his country’s relationship with Russia and France


Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra confirmed in a statement to RT on Saturday that Algeria does not practice megaphone diplomacy, works quietly and quietly records its positions through diplomatic channels.

He told Lamamra that Algeria refuses to interfere in its internal affairs, especially if the matter was from a colonizer yesterday.

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He added that his country’s ambassador in Paris is still in Algeria for consultations, stressing that the decision to close the airspace to French planes is a sovereign decision in response to the verbal violence.

He told Lamamra that Algeria has historical relations with Russia and is linked by a strategic agreement, and its diplomatic relations are characterized by consultation and deliberation on African issues.

The Algerian diplomat affirmed that his country is in constant and serious consultation with the Russian diplomacy on issues affecting Russias interests.

He explained to Lamamra that the current level reflects the importance of consultation, and the acceleration of international developments requires Algeria to expand consultation and agree on common positions with Russia.

Regarding the Libyan file, Ramtane assured Lamamra that the Libya meeting demonstrated that the people of the country took the initiative and Libya has become host and not hosted, pointing out that the meeting of the Libyan neighboring countries in Algeria was a turning point and the foreign ministers pledged to attend Tripoli.

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And he added, “We can say that the possibility of holding elections in Libya is strong, and it is related to completing organizational aspects, and there is awareness and maturity spread throughout the country.”

Lamamra stressed that Libya must take measures related to disarming the militias as required by its sovereignty, noting that the Berlin conference had emphasized the responsibility of the international group for the exit of all foreign forces.

The Algerian minister stressed that the evacuation of militias and foreign forces should not be at the expense of the security and stability of neighboring countries and the region.

In his statements to RT, the Algerian Foreign Minister also touched on the situation in Mali, stating that what affects the security, stability and interests of Mali also affects Algeria.

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In this context, Lamamra indicated that his country led mediation between the authorities in Mali and the various armed forces that ended with the signing of a peace agreement in Algeria.

“We consider France’s statements regarding Mali an interference in its internal affairs and we have expressed our solidarity,” he said.

Regarding relations with Iran, the minister affirmed that Algeria has normal and old relations with the Iranian Republic and they have interests within OPEC.

Ramtane Lamamra indicated that there are consultations with the United States and that there is an American desire to obtain Algerias advice to deal with some issues in Africa.

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