Amir Kararas son celebrates his 44th birthday: “The sweetest father in the world.” He replied: “Habib Baba.”


Today, the star Amir Karara celebrates his forty-fourth birthday, as he was born on this day, October 10, 1977. “Instagram”, accompanied by a comment: “Happy birthday to the best dad ever,” to which Karara replied, “Habib Baba.”

Amir Karara and his son
Amir Karara and his son
Salim Karara
Salim Karara

On the other hand, the star Amir Karara contracted to star in a new series in which he will play the Ramadan 2022 drama, and cooperates with director Ahmed Nader Jalal for the first time, while he returns to work again with scriptwriter Baher Dowidar after he presented him with the series “Kalbash” with its three parts, as well as the series “Kalbash”. “The Choice”, the first part that was shown in the month of Ramadan of 2020.

Amir Karara held working sessions with the makers of the series during the past weeks to settle on the details of the work, which will be a surprise in the coming month of Ramadan, and the coming weeks will witness the start of the process of nominations and contracts with the artists participating in the tournament in preparation for the start of filming before the end of this year.

Director Peter Mimi also announced the selection of the star Amir Karara to star in the movie “Angel of Death” from the series of films “The Underdogs” announced by Peter Mimi a few days ago. Peter wrote on his Facebook page: “The Angel of Death is coming soon .. the great star Amir Karara With the publication of Amir Karara’s picture from the scene in which he appeared in the promo of the movie “Moussa”, which is currently shown in cinemas.


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