Amr Adib: They closed the microphone and cut off the light from Muhammad Ramadan at the El Gouna Festival.. Yousra and Samih refused to present it


The media, Amr Adib, narrated details of the artist Mohamed Ramadan’s participation in the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival, talking about separating the microphone from him while he was talking.He said during his program “The Story” on the “MBC Egypt” screen, on Friday evening: “Without a clear reason, they decided to leave the festival’s concert song for Muhammad Ramadan. We have the artist Mohamed Ramadan, and I walked, although the one with him is 100 times stronger than him.. The announcer said his name and ran.”

He added: “Yousra and Samih went to the stage again. I knew that they presented Muhammad Ramadan, but they did not present him. Ramadan entered and sang the song “Joe Girls.”

He continued: “The song preferred 3 minutes and concluded, and Muhammad Ramadan stood on the stage, and the first thing he spoke to, the microphone turned off and the light was cut off … a strange thing.”

Adeeb expressed his astonishment at this incident, and said that if the festival management rejects the presence of Muhammad Ramadan, what is the reason for his invitation in the first place.

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