Amr Diab’s friends celebrate his 60th birthday | news


Friends of the plateau, Amr Diab, celebrated his 60th birthday in a Cairo nightlife.

The event was attended by businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, producer Tamer Morsi and producer Musa Issa.

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A number of stars celebrated Amr Diab’s birthday through their accounts on social media, where they posted pictures of them with the plateau and sent him some messages, wishing him success always.

It is worth noting that Amr Diab’s song “You are the luck” entered the “Trend” list of YouTube globally, although it has not been released in Egypt so far.

The song “You are the luck” occupied the 13th place upon its release, although it was not released on YouTube Egypt.

Amr Diab released his new song, “You are the luck”, through the Vodafone Music service and the Anghami application.

And the song “You are the luck” from the words of Tamer Hussein, composed by Aziz El Shafei, distributed by Osama Abdel Moneim, mix and digital master Amir Mahrous.

The song’s lyrics say:

I know you are lucky
It was about to be sweet to me
All that people see
One time in the water
What I still didn’t say to you

I if you stay with me
The heart beats and shakes
I would take my eyes
O, my eyes, my eyes don’t cherish
I’m scared my love
Who is the eye of the one who fears and the one who rewards?
It’s you luck

You are the joy in my mind
The life I wished for
I won’t let go of my imagination
What is the salvation of my dreams that I found?
And I live what I don’t live

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