Amr Mahmoud Yassin criticizes the artist Ahmed El-Sakka: “What do you mean by this sentence?”


Writer Amr Mahmoud Yassin criticized the artist Ahmed El-Sakka’s speech during his honor at the El Gouna Film Festival, where El-Sakka said that cinema after the setback “was narrow in character,” as he put it.

Amr wrote, through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, “I was pleased to honor the wonderful star Ahmed El-Sakka, one of the pioneers of Egyptian cinema and its knights since the beginning of this millennium.

He added, “Ahmed El-Sakka was the first to reconnect the previous generation with the new generation, when he was keen to work with big stars such as Mahmoud Yassin and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in the films Al-Jazeera and Ibrahim Al-Abyad.”

He continued, “In the words of the great artist Ahmed El-Sakka, what he mentioned about the description of cinema after the setback until the end of the eighties stopped me, when he described the film industry, its creation was narrow, unable to verify what is meant by the sentence of its narrow creation?”

He added, “My words do not come within the framework of criticism of what Ahmed El-Sakka said, because I trust that his intentions are good, and the period after the setback, up to the seventies, witnessed a great abundance of production, as he produced nearly 50 films in one year, and this is a good number in light of the fact that it happens in the case of Harb, and this stage produced generations of stars that will not be replaced in the history of Egyptian cinema, including Mahmoud Yassin, Nour El Sherif, Adel Imam, Hussein Fahmy, Ahmed Zaki, Samir Ghanem and others.

Complete, this period also produced many writers and directors, such as Atef Al-Tayeb, Ali Abdel-Khaleq, Ahmed Yahya, and others. It also produced many writers such as Waheed Hamid, Bashir Al-Deek, and Mustafa Muharram.. This period may have witnessed bad films as well, but this It’s normal, every stage of cinema has its own good films and its lowest quality films.

He concluded his speech by saying: “But of course the cinema of the seventies and eighties is one of the most important stages of the Egyptian film industry throughout its history, and it is also stocked with valuable works and illustrious names that have dominated the cinema for years and years.”


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