An airline is developing a plane that is 5 times faster than sound.. Know the date of the first test flight


Recently, the interest in supersonic travel has increased, which prompted some international companies to develop many high-speed aircraft, and while it appeared Airlines are very interested in this idea, and United Airlines has already committed to providing hypersonic routes early, and the first test flights of its high-speed aircraft are expected in 2029..

For its part, Hermeus believes – It is an Atlanta-based start-up that can develop aircraft at Mach 5 – five times the speed of sound. It would take a plane from New York to London in just 90 minutes, compared to about three hours on a “Concorde” plane, and between 6 to 7 hours on a regular passenger plane, according to CNN Arabic.

the engine
the engine

The company is targeting The development of hypersonic aircraft, as The company is already testing a new type of engine, which it says will eventually be able to reach Mach 5 speeds “over 3,000 miles per hour”..

وصممت “Hermeus” An engine for a small hypersonic unmanned aircraft, which the company is making for the US Air Force, but with its size increased to a larger size, the engine will be able to power a passenger plane.

The company has hope of flying its first test flight before 2029, but since its technology must be built almost entirely from the ground up, the company is already planning it..

aircraft design
aircraft design

Initially, the aircraft will be much smaller than the current aircraft and even “Concorde”, which can accommodate about 100 passengers, For his part, the CEO of “Hermeus”, AJ Publica, that in order to determine the size of the aircraft, they have launched a business model for an airline.

“We focused on business class and first class passengers, then we manipulated some parameters such as speed and operating costs, which resulted in the design of an aircraft with a cabin capacity of 20 passengers,” Biblica added.

“We expect it to be profitable with business class fares today,” Biblica said, warning that it’s hard to gauge how much people would be willing to pay to fly five times faster. “You really can’t answer that question, unless there’s a product in market and you have real data.”


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