An American catches a crocodile-shaped fish that dates back to 100 million years


An American man, fisherman Danny Lee “Butch” Smith, managed to catch a rare aquatic animal called “the alligator fish” or a living fossil, this quality dates back to prehistoric times in Kansas for the first time, and the image of the strange fish spread in a scene that had not happened before , known as a “living fossil,” was caught in the waters of Kansas.

The 4.5-foot-long, 39.5-pound crocodile fish, often referred to as a “living fossil fish” because its lineage dates back nearly 100 million years, was pulled from the Neosho River by fisherman Danny Lee “Butch” Smith. In Kansas, park officials announced it this week, according to the New York Post.

The fisherman holds the fish
The fisherman holds the fish

Officials said that this is the first time that a crocodile fish has been found in Kansas, and this type of crocodile fish is usually found only in parts of southwestern Ohio, southeastern Missouri and Illinois, noting that biologists are now looking for how the fish arrived Predatory fish to KS.

crocodile fish
crocodile fish

Added Doug Nygren, Director of Fisheries Division at KDWP: “It is not inconceivable that this fish was once someone’s pet or purchased at a pet store, and was simply released into the Kansas River once it became too big.”

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks issued a statement about hunting this ancient marine animal, while it is expected that experts will conduct research in order to know the state from which the crocodile fish came from, by relying on genetic elements, and this fish is characterized by that it may reach its length. to three metres, and a weight of 158 kilograms.


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