An American singer releases the first Egyptian clip from inside the pyramids.. Photos


American singer Alize Liebeck, better known by her nickname “Amon Star”, has finished filming the latest singles for her new album “”It Was Just a KissIt is scheduled to appear to Al-Nour in the form of a video clip within days, mixing “animation” with realistic scenes.

Elise decided to change her artistic name to “Amon Star”, which is inspired by the ancient pharaonic gods, which is the name of the ancient Egyptian god of the sun, wind and fertility, coinciding with the preparation of a new album bearing her name that includes ten different songs, in the English language and intends to release his songs individually as one song each. Two weeks into the video clip.

And the American singer filmed a video clip for the song “It Was Just a KissFilmed in the pyramids area in Giza, and it is the first Egyptian clip to film its real scenes from inside the pyramid, and mix it with high techniques of “graphics” and “two-dimensional graphics”, in an unusual visual experience in Egyptian clips in general.

During the clip, Amon Star embodies a fictional world of ancient Egypt and the time of the pharaohs in the form of a short film “Animation”, which travels in time to the time of the pharaonic and ancient Egyptian gods, and tells the adventure of “Star” with the god of death Anubis, in a visual tale of animation quality.

Elise Libeck, an American singer, composer and writer who settled in Egypt 5 years ago, launched her singing journey from Cairo to the world by winning several international music awards, including “Hollywood Music In Media AwardsAbout her songWe Are All InflectedIn addition to receiving an award, Global Music Awards Similar to the Grammy Awards for her previous album Origin, during which she participated in three Sufi songs with vocalist Mahmoud Al-Tohamy.

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Alize Liebeck

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Alize Liebeck

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Alize Liebeck

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Alize Liebeck

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Alize Liebeck

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