An Egyptian artist wears a “jacket” embroidered with diamonds at the El Gouna Festival… its price is one million dollars


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The Egyptian artist, Khaled Selim, grabbed the attention of the audience and the lenses of photographers on “Red Carpet” during the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session.

And Egyptian media said, “Khaled Selim has the most expensive look at the El Gouna Festival, because he wore an expensive suit, as he wore a jacket embroidered with diamonds, and coordinated with her a white shirt and black boots.”

For her part, fashion designer Margo Hanna, who designed Khaled Selim’s suit, said through her Instagram story feature, that the price of diamonds in Khaled Selim’s jacket exceeded one million dollars, to win the title of the most expensive look at the El Gouna Festival.

On the other hand, he said Khaled SelimThe suit is studded with 80-carat free diamonds, in black and white, distributed on the collar and hand, indicating that he is nearing the end of filming the movie “Fi Al Qalb” with the participation of Nisreen Tafesh and Angie Kiwan.

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