An Egyptian family finds their blind son, lost 21 years ago, through “Facebook”


A strange and exciting story happened in Egypt, where an Egyptian family found their blind and lost son 21 years ago, after a post on Facebook.

The details of the incident go back 21 years ago in the village of Kafr Al-Jadid, affiliated to the city of Mit Salsil in Dakahlia Governorate, where the 7-year-old child, Mohamed Ibrahim Hegazy, who is blind, traveled with his older brother to Cairo, and got lost there, and the family did not find a trace of him.

Muhammad Saadallah al-Jaali, one of the family’s neighbors, told Al that the child traveled with his brother to Cairo to meet his mother, who had been separated from his father by divorce, and he stayed with her for a month before losing him and getting lost in the crowds of the capital, adding that one of the people found him And he knew his name and address and returned it to his father again.

Umm Hashem Abdo Ismail, the family’s neighbor, revealed that the blind child would travel every time to Cairo to his mother, and get lost there, and when he was found, he would be returned to his father in the village, until he traveled for the last time and got lost and was not found, which prompted his father to file reports at the police station. .

The neighbor added that the father of the child traveled to several governorates to edit a report attached to his son’s specifications, hoping to find him without success, until a university girl from the village informed them a few days ago that there was a post on “Facebook”, revealing the presence of a young man in a care home for the blind in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, claiming He is Muhammad Ibrahim Hijazi from the village of Al-Kafr Al-Jadid and is looking for his family, and he mentioned the name of his father, brother and mother who died.

The family’s neighbors revealed that the father of the young man communicated with the house and met with his son and got acquainted with some of the details that he still remembers, and they contained information about his mother’s name, his father’s name and his brother’s name and facts that are still engraved in his memory, until the father reassured and made sure that he had already reached his son and requested that the procedures for receiving him be completed.

In addition, Dr. Ayman Mukhtar, Governor of Dakahlia, after learning of the story, decided to conduct a genetic analysis of the young man and his father at the expense of the governorate to complete the procedures for his return to his family in Dakahlia.

The governor demanded the immediate end of all legal and administrative procedures related to the incident, and instructed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity to provide all the needs of the family and provide all aspects of care and support required for them until the procedures are completed and their son is returned.

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