An open sit-in until the government is dissolved


At a time when Sudan is facing the biggest political crisis in its two-year transitional phase, demonstrators in the capital, Khartoum, closed today, Saturday, the roads leading to the presidential palace, demanding the dismissal of what they called the “hunger government.”

The protesters announced an open sit-in until the government was dissolved, at the conclusion of a busy day that witnessed the gathering of thousands of demonstrators in response to the call of the forces of the National Charter for the Unity of the Forces of Freedom and Change to protest and demonstrate in order to “restore the revolution, dissolve the government, and reform the political incubator of the transitional government in a way that ensures the expansion of the base of participation for all change makers.”

Thousands of protesters from the reform wing of Freedom and Change (a dissident from Freedom and Change, which includes a number of armed movements, represented by government ministers as well) gathered in front of the presidential palace today.

The demonstrators supporting the security forces also chanted, “Down with the hunger government.”

While others called for reform, and the expansion of the base of participation for all the forces of the revolution!

Tensions with the security forces

This came, after the governor of Khartoum confirmed earlier today that armed men prevented security forces from securing some vital installations in the capital. Ayman Khaled said, in a statement, that the Capital State Security Affairs Committee closed some roads leading to the sovereign sites in central Khartoum, in order to preserve public and private properties.

However, members of the police and intelligence forces were surprised by a group claiming to be affiliated with armed movements, which obstructed them and prevented them from continuing their work.

From the demonstrations by the dissident wing of freedom and change in Khartoum today (AFP)

From the demonstrations by the dissident wing of freedom and change in Khartoum today (AFP)

take back the revolution

And she was Forces of Freedom and Change, the reform wingIn a statement on Friday night, she called for processions to be carried out in the name of restoring the revolution, to head towards the Council of Ministers, for the sit-in, where the National Accord Charter will be signed, which was followed by the dissident forces from freedom and change last week.

These moves come at a time when the political scene in Sudan is witnessing a sharp division between the components of the transitional government, following the thwarting of a coup attempt last month (September), due to which media exchanges between the civil and military components escalated, to the extent that the Sovereignty Council and joint meetings with the Council of Ministers stopped.

(France Brush)

(France Brush)

At a time when political forces affiliated with the forces of freedom and change announced the introduction of a new charter that guarantees the participation of all revolutionary forces, and expands the base of participation without excluding all other components.

road map

was Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok, He announced, in a speech addressed to the Sudanese people yesterday evening, that there is no way to end the crisis, stressing the need to end the rift between the components of the revolution, and to expand the base of the transition to accommodate all components of the forces of freedom and change.

He also pointed out that the crisis that Sudan is going through, the state of sharp polarization between the components of the transitional period, and the differences in the political incubator are very serious.

He also clarified that the ongoing conflict in the country is a struggle between the camp of democratic transition and the camp of the coup against the revolution, stressing that he does not stand as a mediator in the crisis, but rather is biased towards advocates of civil democratic transition.

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