And on the nights of champions, there is no equal to Ronaldo.. Cristiano is the solution, not the knot, Manchester


Your deceptions said that Cristiano Ronaldo caused an offensive crisis for Manchester United, and some went to call him a “burden” at Old Trafford, but as usual, the Don responded with his work on the field.

A killer goal for Ronaldo from a perfect rise and an unparalleled header gave the Portuguese three important points for Manchester United against Atalanta, many, and thus established the feet of his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the Theater of Dreams.

Ronaldo missed scoring in the last two games for Manchester United, and hence the criticism, with the results declining with a draw against Everton and then a loss against Leicester City, but the 36-year-old’s response came at the right time.

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The numbers speak

Ronaldo was one of the most active Manchester United players in front of goal today, and no proof of that was his shot 7 balls, four of them came between the posts and the crossbar, two outside them, with one dealt from the defense.

Ronaldo succeeded in 4 out of 8 encounters between air and ground, perhaps the most important of them was the “flight” that he made and through which he headed Luke Shaw’s distinctive cross into the net of goalkeeper Musso in the goal ball.

Ronaldo missed one chance, thanks to the brilliance of goalkeeper Muso, and his correct passes amounted to 79%, with him playing another important role by passing three key passes over the course of the ninety minutes.

The numbers speak for themselves. To put Ronaldo in the right place and make for him, you will find definite effectiveness on the goal. All the Don needed is to help his teammates with a correct position. As for the goal, there is no fear for the Portuguese activity.

Did Solskjaer learn the lesson?

The important question here is, does Solskjaer understand the value of Cristiano Ronaldo in decisiveness? All that Ronaldo needs is the help from behind him, rather the ideal use of his abilities.

Talking here mainly comes from the headers, Manchester United’s crosses from the right front in particular are very bad from Bissaka, and from the left front is rare from Luke Shaw, and once there, the result was what everyone saw.

In addition, the Norwegian had to put Ronaldo in the right place. In the first half, Ronaldo was more inclined to the fronts than the depth, something that is currently incompatible with the technical and physical capabilities of the former Juventus player.

Having a player like Ronaldo is a blessing by all accounts, it can only be wasted by a coach who does not know well how to use his activity and his desire to score, and Solskjaer must learn the lesson well before it is too late.


One of what distinguished Ronaldo most in this match was the high spirits throughout the ninety minutes, today he was a real leader who was everywhere on the field and motivated his teammates, this is the character that Manchester United missed a lot of times.

Ronaldo spoke with the referee in almost all of the decisions and did not stop supporting his teammates and urging them to fight, and after the match his snapshot was expressing what he had recently experienced in an incomprehensible reduction, celebrating in this way shows that the pressures were really harsh on him.

It is true that Harry Maguire is the captain at Manchester United, but the spirit, the experience, the experience and everything that makes Ronaldo the actual and most important leader on the field, is a fact that Solskjaer also has to recognize along with other technical facts.


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