Anger and objection.. Some artists withdrew from showing a film at the El Gouna Festival


On the third day of the Egyptian Film Festival El Gouna, everyone is waiting for the screening of the Egyptian film “Feathers”, which won the Grand Prix of the Critics’ Week competition at the Cannes International Film Festival.

“Rishes”, directed by Omar Al-Zuhairi, was behind the awarding of Egyptian cinema for the first time in its history with a prize from the Cannes Festival for a specific artwork. The El Gouna Festival in Hurghada, Egypt, witnessed its first show.



But about an hour after the film was shown, some began to leave, and the irony is that those who left are filmmakers.

“An unreal picture of Egypt”

The artist Sherif Mounir left the show, and he appeared very angry, followed by the artist Ahmed Rizk, and behind him was the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi, and director Omar Abdel Aziz also left the showroom. Their point of view was that the film contained scenes that did not show the true image of Egypt.

Outside the hall, producer Mohamed Hefzy, producer of the film and president of the Cairo International Film Festival, appeared, and entered into a discussion with the departing trio to show the film: Mounir, Rizk and Abdel Baqi. After the controversy ended, Al contacted the producer Hefzy, who denied that the scenes of poverty in the film offensive to Egypt, stressing that society includes all classes, before returning to the movie theater hall again in order to complete the follow-up.

from the movie

El-Shennawy: The film shocked some with a different vision

In the face of the controversy caused by some, interviewed the art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi, who was present at the show. He confirmed that the film presented a different vision than what some had previously expected, but this does not negate that there are some scenes that could have been shortened. To maintain the rhythm of the film.

Regarding what was said about presenting an unreal picture of Egypt, El-Shennawy said that the image of the homeland cannot be reduced to a set of scenes, explaining that the state of poverty that appeared in the film exists, and there is something worse than it, and that the film deals with the poor class and everything related to it.

El-Shennawy believed that the language of the film would not reach the audience, and inferred what happened during its screening at the “El Gouna” festival, where even elite faces did not understand some of the details of the work.

Al-Shennawy considered that the film is very good, and receiving an award from the “Cannes” festival proved its distinction, pointing to the difficult equation for any movie that tries to reach the critics and the audience together.


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