Angham on rumors of her association: Enough ridiculous news


The star, Angham, expressed her strong dissatisfaction with the circulation of news and rumors about her, and false information about her association, as she wrote through the Story feature on her account on the “Instagram” website: “Unfortunately, ridiculous sites for the millionth time write about me false and ridiculous news like her. Angham”.


The star Angham was recently keen to attend the performance of the play “Yama in the Grab, Ya Hawi” by the great star Yahya Al-Fakhrani, amid a warm welcome from those who received her, as appears during the pictures that also reflected her joy in being present during the show, which includes a constellation of stars headed by the great artist Yahya. Al-Fakharani, whose shows resumed yesterday, to be held on Friday of every week.

The star Angham is not the first to be keen on attending the show, as a group of stars have previously attended the show, including the artist Amr Saad, scriptwriter Abdel Rahim Kamal, the reporter Mona El Shazly and the media person Suhair Joudeh, in addition to the state of public turnout for the show.

This comes as the star Angham revived the memory of the departure of her sister Ghinwa, who left our world on October 12, 2018, in a traffic accident, and Angham published a picture during her visit to her sister’s grave via the Story feature on her Instagram account, and wrote: “.


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