Angola coach: The Egyptian national team player showed his capabilities.. Salah and Elneny are a great addition to Queiroz


Pedro Goncalves, coach of the Angolan national team, confirmed that Egypt The strongest candidate to qualify for the World Cup, noting that the team changed after hiring coach Carlos Queiroz, and he also denied receiving offers to train in the Egyptian League.

Egypt had defeated Angola in the second round of qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The two teams are in Group F, and next to them are Libya and Gabon.

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Gonsalves said in televised statements to the “On Time Sports 2” satellite: “The Egyptian team is the candidate to qualify from the group stage, and after defeating Angola in Cairo and defeating Libya, they proved that they are the strongest candidate.”

He added, “The chances of Angola qualifying are non-existent, but we play in a competitive manner and deal in order to qualify for the next times.”

And he added: “What has changed under the leadership of Carlos Queiroz is to take advantage of the players Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Elneny, who were failing to get out of England in the last period, and they add greatly.”

He continued: “In addition to local players such as Ahmed Fattouh, he is one of the players who made their way from the youth team to the first team and showed his ability to play mainly in the Egyptian team, and in general, there is more confidence in the Egyptian team.”

And about receiving offers to work in the Egyptian League: “I heard some conversations, but at the moment there is nothing. Of course, the Egyptian League is one of the strongest leagues in Africa, and for me it would be excellent to work in it, but there is no official offer.”

And he concluded: “Without discussing the Egyptian national team is one of the three strongest teams in Africa, not only in its history, but after they showed strength and signed a coach with a great history and good experience, next to Senegal and Morocco, and Algeria also has high-level players.”

It should be noted that the Egyptian team is at the top of Group F in the World Cup qualifiers with 10 points, and has two matches against A.Ngola and Gabon.


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