Apple seeks to develop a “rotating” iPhone.. know the details


Popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that a foldable iPhone won’t appear until 2024, and Apple appears to be a little behind the race, with several companies already launching devices in this segment while others appear to be working on it as well.

A report by Phonearena suggests that Apple may be working on a foldable iPhone with a different name: a “rotatable screen.” Rotatable phones are phones that feature foldable OLED screens that rotate around an angle, and some models have already appeared for that.

And such expandable screens seem to be the next frontier for smartphone manufacturers, as competitors have taken out patents for phones with foldable or retractable screens.

According to PhoneArena reports, Apple’s new patent application includes a cross-section of the foldable iPhone, and inside the phone, the screen curves around where a roller is inside the device, and Apple notes in the patent application that “a portion of a flexible screen may be stored in an interior area of ​​the housing when The housing is in the unexpanded state, and in the unexpanded state, the flexible screen may have one or more curvatures and may double back on itself one or more times.

Rotatable iPhone

It was also reported that Apple filed a new patent application in June this year that is a continuation of a patent granted to Apple titled Electronic devices that have expandable sliding screens. Towards the left or right, in this case. So you could say that the screen slides as it gets bigger.


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