At the El Gouna Festival: An apology to “Red One” .. and the stars reveal their crises in a symposium on the mental health of the actors


A large presence of “Amira” .. and Mohamed Diab supports his wife in her first experience

– Naoum recommends the presence of a psychological statistician on the filming sites .. Malik: “Do not put out the sun.”

The heroes of the movie “Qamar 14”: We do not count them by the number of scenes, and what is important is the impact of the role

Today, the signing of a partnership agreement between Cinematheque and El Gouna Camps… and the announcement of the Variety Awards

The management of the El Gouna International Film Festival was keen to present an official apology to the brotherly Moroccan people for not presenting the international star of Moroccan origin, “Red One” and the Moroccan composer, “Noaman Belaiachi” during the opening ceremony, stressing that what happened was an unintended mistake in preparing for the ceremony, and expresses its regret It happened and we hope it won’t happen again.

The festival management affirmed its full respect for the participation of artists, as they are world-class artistic figures with enormous popularity in Morocco and the Arab world, and its appreciation for the artistic production of these singers, and thanks the artist “Red One” and the composer “Noman Belayashi” for the outstanding performance that was presented during the opening ceremony.

The festival management also indicated its pride in the Moroccan participation in the El Gouna Festival in all its sessions, whether from participating Moroccan films, filmmakers or all participating attendees.

On the other hand, the El Gouna Film Festival yesterday witnessed a session entitled “Breathe, speak, such as: a talk about the mental health of actors.” Actors have many reasons such as rejection and disappointment in securing roles, failed auditions, negative response from audiences or critics to their work, and the need to embody the role they are playing to be authentic and believable as an actor.

The session was moderated by Anas Bukhash, Emirati entrepreneur and presenter of the program AB talks Through his YouTube channel, in addition to the presence of artist Ahmed Malik, writer Maryam Naoum, artist Mai El Gheity, artist Mohamed Farraj, Dr. Nabil al-Qat, who specializes in psychiatry.

Writer Maryam Naoum spoke about the role of social networking sites, saying, “Sometimes some groups of the public project their lives on some artists and actors. The projection here stems from the presence of a psychological problem in this group as a result of not confronting the self with the weakness caused by this projection and thus it is reflected through comments outside or misplaced on social media.

She added that the talented artist has a more complex character, so I call on some directors to change the technique of pressure on actors, especially the psychological pressure that is sometimes imposed with the aim of removing creativity from the actor, but it leaves an adverse effect after the work is finished, and accordingly, I call on the workers in the film industry to demand the presence of a psychologist On filming sites to ensure that the psychological balance required for the work team is achieved, which will reflect the productivity and creativity of individuals.

The artist Ahmed Malik stressed the importance of a psychological balance between the artist’s practical and personal life, saying, “When I am passionate about something, I suffer from a state of depression as a result of I gave myself, my time and effort for this to work, while doing it and after completing it, I felt empty, and I think that was my feeling after finishing. From the series “The Sun Doesn’t Extinguish”, and I didn’t know how to deal with my character.

Malik added, “All contemporary methods of acting are mixed with drama therapy, which are methods that open the horizons of the artist. The painter and the musician have their tools, but the actor has his body and his muscles, and in order to reach harmony, he creates a texture between the artist and the character. Therefore, drama therapy must be used, in addition to achieving daily balance by adopting Routines such as sports or reading books after finishing on set in order to separate the actor’s real personality from the one he performs in the artwork.

While the artist Mai Al-Gheity pointed out the importance of the public health of artists, stressing that those responsible for the film industry and dramas have working hours exceeding 16 working hours, in addition to the lack of understanding or acceptance that the artist is a person who gets sick and needs rest and treatment so that he can inspire the pillars of personality performed.

She added that the worst thing is that the director or the directing team asked the artists to perform their roles regardless of their physical and not only psychological pain, which I was exposed to in one of the works in which I was participating recently, when would it be acceptable for the actor to leave the filming site during his illness?, Therefore, I invite all actors to stand in solidarity with their colleagues and refuse to continue filming.

As for the artist, Mohamed Farraj, he spoke about the importance of the actor’s awareness of the psychological and mental effort required to prepare for the character, saying: I think that the actor’s awareness and passion for the character he plays, especially the more complex character, must include knowing that the actor is engaged in a psychological war between his true personality and the character he plays.

He added, “The first time I needed a lot of preparation was during my role in the series “Under Control.” I had to train psychologically to know all the details of the character, so the actor must be honest with himself and familiar with the psychological and mental effort required of him to perform the character optimally.”

Yesterday evening, a screening of the film “Princess” by director Mohamed Diab was held, in the presence of a large number of stars, along with the work makers who expressed their happiness to participate in the El Gouna Film Festival, and it was shown in the midst of this audience. Who spent it?

He also revealed his support for his wife in her first directing experience, stressing that she often supported him in his experiences, and was a partner in writing his works.

Yesterday, a press conference was held for the heroes and makers of the movie “Moon 14” after it was shown within the festival’s activities, and he said that the artist, Yasmine Rais, did not find any problem in her appearance in a few scenes, pointing out that the most important thing was that she loved the situation and personality.

While the artist Ahmed Malik said, it is wrong to measure the effectiveness of the character by the amount of scenes, because that is a polluted thought and the important thing is to pay attention to the role and how to present it. How much do I trust the director, the cast, the story, and the entire project.”

The artist Ahmed El-Fishawy said that films that include more than one star receive the audience’s admiration more, because each group loves someone who will watch it and see the people they love in one movie.

On the other hand, a partnership agreement is signed today between Gemini Africa, which owns the intellectual property rights of the “Cinematheque” track and El Gouna Campus, in the presence of the festival’s guests and celebrities, including artists, stars, directors, producers and filmmakers. For the festival and engineer Samih Sawiris, president of the city of El Gouna.

The agreement is signed by Caroline Kamel, Director of El Gouna Campus, and Engineer Adly Touma, CEO of Gemini Africa and founder of the “Cinematique” track in Egypt and the world, who stated that the agreement will work to promote entrepreneurs in the film and entertainment industry, and introduce new technology and creative ideas, by opening Channels of communication between the film industry and entrepreneurship and the strengthening of means of communication between them, and that the joint cooperation between the two parties is a major step in terms of benefiting from the ideas resulting from the entrepreneurial paths adopted by Gymnai Africa.

Toma added that the two sides will work together in technological research programs and projects and carry out studies and film research aimed at strengthening and supporting the industry according to new scientific concepts, as Gemini Africa will work through its extended networks and business incubation programs that it carries out and partnership agreements it owns with many government institutions, local ministries and relations Al-Gouna Campus provides studios, photography laboratories and research studies for the university.

Gemini Africa had announced two days ago, at the current session of the El Gouna Festival, the results of its competitions under the “Cinematique Track” framework, which is the first track in the world that works to inject technological development and digital transformation, to advance the film industry, through entrepreneurship, where the jury consisted of The artist Amina Khalil, the artist and producer Saba Mubarak, the producer Shahinaz Al-Akkad, the director Ramy Rizkallah, in addition to the engineer Adly Touma, and 12 local and regional startup companies participated in the competition. Online scholarships for obtaining a master’s degree in business administration from the American Agora University.

The Variety Prize will also be distributed this evening at the Plaza Theatre, as well as a red carpet for the screenings of the films “The Sea in Front Of You” and “Kostava”.

El Gouna Message – Sherif Nadi


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