Augusti: Al-Ahly fans are different, and I strive to win as many tournaments as possible here


The Spanish Augusti Bosch, coach of the Al-Ahly basketball team, confirmed that he expected a strong start with the red team because he has all the ingredients to win championships and is happy to win the Arab Championship.

“I was looking forward to this strong start with Al-Ahly, especially as it is a big club and has all the ingredients to win all the championships,” Auguste Bosch said during his interview with Islam Al-Shater on the “Big House” programs broadcast on Al-Ahly channel.

And the Al-Ahly basket coach added: “I started my work in Barcelona in 2008, here in Al-Ahly the fans support the team greatly, especially on the social media, but in Barcelona the issue is different, the audience is not close to the team and there is no warmth that I find here.”

And Augusti continued: “I, the technical staff and the players focus on developing our performance until we finally reach the most championships, and when you achieve a championship like the Arab Championship, you need to celebrate, and I like to celebrate championships because this translates the effort that has been made to achieve the championship.”

The Al-Ahly coach explained: “I live in the Zamalek area, and sometimes I meet a lot of Al-Ahly fans and even Zamalek, and there is a nice conversation.”

It is worth noting that Augusti trained Al-Ahly in mid-August, and led the team during the Cairo region championship and crowned its title after defeating Al-Jazira in the final with a score of 76-55, in the match that was held at the Cairo International Stadium..

He also won the Arab Championship title, hosted by Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, as the first Arab title in the history of Al-Ahly Club, after achieving the full mark in the matches that were played, as he beat all those who attended the death of Widad Boufarik, the Saudi Conquest, Beirut, Lebanon, the Alexandrian Union, and the Kuwaiti Kuwaiti.


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