Baldwin killed the director of filming for ‘RUST’ and wound the director with a gunshot wound


In a rare accident, the director of shooting for the movie “Rust”, Helena Hitchens, was killed while filming a scene, so what happened?

  • slain director of photography
    The murdered director of photography, Helena Hitchens.
  • Alec Baldwin, the actor and film producer who shot the claw gun
    Alec Baldwin, the actor and film producer who shot the claw gun

American police have released movie star Alec Baldwin, who accidentally shot himself while filming a movie in New Mexico, after completing his questioning.

Specialists in special and scenic effects usually take care of all field arrangements for the implementation of action scenes at the highest level of craftsmanship that Hollywood films are famous for, but accidents beyond everyone’s control are possible, which led to the death of the director of photography, Helena Hitchens, with bullets that were used as ammunition for weapons approved in filming. The movie “RUST” is starring and produced by Alec Baldwin, written and directed by Joel Sousa, 48, who is in intensive care after being injured as well.

  • director
    Director Joel Sousa is being treated in intensive care

The “American West” tape was filmed in Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, and the project was led by Alec Baldwin (63 years old) with a team of actors, most notably: Travis Fimmel, Jensen Ackles, Francis Fisher, Todd Bryant, Hayes Hargrove, and Marty Lindsay. About a father who turns into an outlaw to avenge his young son.

Among the rare incidents in this context is the death of Bruce Lee, the karate legend, while filming a movie, and it is not known until now whether it was an intentional plot to kill him, or was it an accident?


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