Because of a picture.. Hama Beca was accused of assaulting a young man at a petrol station in


02:36 PM

Saturday 09 October 2021

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

The Amreya Public Prosecution is conducting the first investigation into the accusation of festivals singer “Hamo Beka” and his “bodyguard” of assaulting a young man at a gas station at kilo 21 west of Alexandria

Al-Amiriya Police Department received the first report from Sameh M.L., 38, a shop owner, accusing Mohamed Mahmoud, better known as “Hamo Beka,” 33, of assaulting him.

The victim decided in his statements in the record that while he was at a gas station to supply his car at kilo 21 “Alexandria-Matrouh” coastal road, he saw the singer Hamo Beka, and when he tried to approach him to take a picture with him, he was surprised by his guards preventing him and beating him and causing damage to his mobile phone.

According to the report of the incident, the victim added: “When I was blaming the Bodyguard, Hamo Beca also beat me, injuring me” – according to what he said.

The Public Prosecution received the victim’s medical report, which showed a fracture of the facial bones, blood collection in the right eye, and abrasions.

The necessary report of the incident was issued at the Amriya Police Department, first, and the Public Prosecution began the investigation.

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