Because of marine fishing, France threatens Britain with trade obstacles


These measures include “systematic customs and sanitary checks on products brought into the country.” France Seafood is banned,” French government spokesman Gabriel Attal told reporters.

The latest dispute between the two neighboring countries is related to the procedures for granting licenses to fishing boats belonging to the two countries European Union And wishing to fish in British waters after Brexit.

France was angered by the refusal Britain Dozens of French boats enter, as well as from the side of the islands of Jersey and Guernsey, which are located in the English Channel, which are autonomous, and depend on London for defense and foreign affairs.

French customs inspections can significantly slow down trade to and from United kingdom.

British fishermen rely heavily on French ports, which they see as a gateway to the continent.

French Minister of State for European Affairs Clement Bonn said the measures could escalate over time.

He said in front of Senate The Frenchman: “It is a first series of measures. Either … it leads to a dialogue about licenses and that will be good, or it leads to the non-implementation of the agreement, and we will then take other measures, including with regard to the supply of electricity, for example,” which recalls previous French threats to reduce the supply of electricity. Jersey electrified.

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