Because of Tariq Hamed .. a resounding shock to the fans of Zamalek and a fiery decision from the board of directors


Media reports revealed a while ago that the player of the Zamalek club and the star of the Egyptian national team line, “Tariq Hamed”, caused a great shock to the fans of the White Castle, after the player announced his requests and conditions in order to renew his contract with Zamalek during the coming period, and this is after the player’s current contract became With the club in its last stages, which makes the white knight threatened with the loss of its most important players during the coming period.

A source close to the Zamalek club explained that the committee charged with managing the club’s affairs during this period had held an emergency session with the player Tariq Hamed during the last hours, and indeed the player had agreed to renew his contract with the club, but only in one way, which is to obtain all his late financial dues. Dead Knights have an obstacle, something that has caused great shock to the White Castle officials.

According to the source, Captain Hassan Labib had asked Tariq Hamed to retract this condition, due to the lack of financial liquidity inside the White Castle at the present time, but the Zamalek star had insisted on his position and confirmed that he had endured a lot in the recent period and did not ask for the dues. Because he knows the conditions the club is going through, but in the event that the latter wants to renew his contract, the player must receive his late dues.

It is worth noting that the Zamalek club is suffering in this period from major crises related to the imposition of deterrent penalties on the White Castle by the International Football Association and the Sports Court in Switzerland due to its previous disputes with some of its former players and coaches.


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