Before he changes his clothes.. the secret of the interior’s speed in catching a press phone thief The seventh day


The Ministry of Interior, led by Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, affirms day after day its success, vigilance, and ability to control crimes and achieve general deterrence, as Egypt’s watchful eyes are struck with an iron hand on those who tempt themselves to commit crimes.

A few hours did not pass, and the Ministry of Interior succeeded in arresting the accused of stealing the phone of colleague Mahmoud Ragheb the journalist on the seventh day, after he stole it during a live broadcast from the top of the ring road.

The security services revealed the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip on Facebook, which includes the kidnapping of a mobile phone from Mahmoud Ragheb Al-Sahafi on the seventh day on the ring road.

This came within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to reveal the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip on one of the pages on the social networking site “Facebook”, which includes an “unidentified” person riding a motorcycle who hijacked a mobile phone from the correspondent of the seventh day, if he was on the top of the ring road in the Bahtim area in the Department of The second section of Shubra El-Kheima, Qalyubia, while broadcasting a live video clip using a mobile phone, fled.The efforts of the research team formed by the Public Security Sector headed by Major General Alaa Selim, Assistant Minister of Interior, and with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Qalyubia Security Directorate, resulted in the commission of the incident (unemployed – residing in the Qalyub Police Station Department).

After legalizing the procedures, he was targeted and could be seized at his place of residence, as well as the motorcycle used to commit the incident. By confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and instructed the seized mobile phone to a (merchant – resident in the center’s department). Theft, and legal action was taken.

Security officials praised the speedy movement of the Interior Ministry and its control over the thief before changing his clothes. As soon as he entered the house, he found the police waiting for him, which contributes to achieving general deterrence.

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