Behind the scenes of the dressing room .. Zamalek players enter a crying fit after the Sun Downs trilogy


Behind the scenes of the dressing room today about the Zamalek players who went into a fit of crying in the dressing room after losing to the Sun Downs team with three goals without a response, due to the complexity of the team’s position and the difficulty of compensation in the return match in Egypt, and Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, the leader of Zamalek, tried to contain his colleagues at the time. And raise their morale after the loss and not lose hope and focus on playing the return match.

Sun Downs won the 2016 African Champions League title at the expense of Zamalek after winning the first leg in South Africa with three clean goals, and scored the advance goal through Anthony Lafort in the 31st minute from a complete monopoly with Zamalek goalkeeper Ahmed El-Shennawy, and strengthened the progress of Sun Downs Joseph Langerman in the 40th minute, Zamalek defender Islam Gamal scored the third goal for Sun Downs by mistake in the 47th minute.

While Zamalek won with a single goal in the return match in Cairo, the Nigerian Stanley scored to lose the title after the result of the two matches became 3-1 for the South African champion, who was led by Musimani, the technical director of Al-Ahly.


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