Biden: I was a senator for 370 years


Biden: I was a senator for 370 years


US President Joe Biden has expressed confidence that he will be able to get his multi-billion dollar social and economic initiatives through Congress.

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He stated that he would personally convince the Republican opposition and reluctant Democratic Party members to support plans to modernize infrastructure and provide a variety of social benefits.

In this regard, Biden said during a conversation with voters on CNN, “I really do believe that I will be able to reach a deal.”

“I’ve been a senator for 370 years, and I’ve always been good at making different deals,” the US president continued, jokingly, but he did not claim that a compromise would be reached before his visit to Europe, which begins next week.

When asked if the current negotiations were the most difficult of his career, Biden said that was not the case. “I think the assault weapons ban was the hardest deal I’ve worked on and succeeded,” he said.

Source: RIA Novosti

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