Bossi Shalaby tops “Google”… and criticism besieges it


Its name has received more than 20,000 searches on the search engine“, in agreement with other topics such as the health developments of the president of Al-Ahly Club Mahmoud KhatibThe horrific traffic accident that killed 18 people on the road between 6th of October City near Cairo and Fayoum Governorate, southwest of Cairo.

and in Saudi Arabia, solve the name Bossi Shalaby It ranks eighth in the list of the most searched topics in the search“.

If one searches the Google search engine for the name of Bossi Shalaby, one will find news stories that talk about accusations against the Egyptian actress of “racism, arrogance and bullying.”

Anger exploded statement

The story began when Bossi, the widow of the late Egyptian artist, spoke, Mahmoud Abdel-AzizWhen she hosted the stars of the movie “feathers”, which was shown at the El Gouna Film Festival, and before that, it won an award at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

During the interview, the Egyptian media uttered words that many considered “arrogance” and “bullying”, which angered the public and prompted many to criticize it strongly.

She said, “I say Omar changed the fate of people in this movie, and opened a door to livelihood for a family from Minya, who could not reach the place where we are.”

By her words, Bossi Shalaby means that the director of the film, Omar Al-Zuhairi, made a big change in the lives of the heroes of the film, which many considered to be a belittling of these artists, especially those coming from the city of Minya, the capital of the governorate of the same name in southern Egypt.

And the matter was not limited to media reports, as Egyptian and Arab artists criticized the Egyptian media, and pioneers went to the same thing Social Media.

Among these critics was the actor Hosni Sheta, who accused Shalaby of “racism and arrogance”, and demanded that she stop this behavior.

Bossi Shalaby did not respond to the accusations against her, and did not publish any comment in this regard on her accounts on the communication platforms until Friday morning.


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