Boujelban: Al-Ahly is in the heart, and I told Maaloul that he is better than the French League clubs


Anis Boujelban, the former Al-Ahly player, expressed his pride in the time he spent in the Red Castle. Egypt, and this is the best thing I can feel as if I am still a member of the team.”

He added: “Al-Ahly fans do not forget that you were loyal to the team and one day you provided him with a service, and any player who comes to Al-Ahly asks me to tell him about the nature of the club, and I tell him all these things.”

He continued, “Maaloul asked me about Al-Ahly, and he had an offer from a French team at the time, so I told him if you had an offer from the teams (Paris Saint-Germain, Marseille or Lyon Oak), but unlike these three teams, Al-Ahly is better.”

Boujelban continued: “Diane was a distinguished player in the Algerian league, and thank God that Al-Ahly benefited from him. I told Amir Tawfik about a good player in Algeria. Follow him, and they knew that he could be an addition to the team.”

Boujelban concluded: “It is impossible to forget the Sfaxien match, at that time Ali Maaloul was a young player, the son of the club. The meeting was very impressive 89 minutes. We were close to the title, but, thank God, I compensated for the loss after that with Al-Ahly and won the 2008 championship.”


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