Colin Powell’s death opens fire on vaccines… This is exactly what happened!


opened Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell dies Doors of concern to health officials in the United States of America during the past hours.

The veteran politician died as a result of complications from the emerging corona virus, Monday, despite being fully vaccinated with the anti-disease vaccine, according to his family, which raised many questions about the effectiveness of vaccines, especially by activists skeptical of vaccination, according to the American CNN network.

The information indicated that they could use the news of Powell’s death to promote the idea that vaccines do not work, and the extent of the impact of such campaigns on the course of the epidemic, and vaccination measures.

This is exactly what happened

Accordingly, Dr. Lena Wayne, an emergency physician and professor of health policy and management at the Milken Institute of Public Health at George Washington University, explained some of the causes and possibilities of death for fully vaccinated people, noting that studies have already shown that corona vaccines are unusually effective in preventing the virus and its severe symptoms. .

And she added that the latest data issued by the American Centers for Disease Control showed that vaccines reduce the likelihood of infection with corona by 6 times and the possibility of death from it by 11 times, which means that the vaccination is really excellent.

However, she emphasized that, despite this, vaccines do not protect you 100%, because there is in fact no 100% effective medical treatment, and this does not mean that the vaccine does not work, or that you should not receive it.

Wayne confirmed that some groups are more likely to develop serious complications of the virus after vaccination compared to others, such as the elderly and those who suffer from some health problems and chronic diseases, pointing out that this is exactly what happened in the case of Colin Powell, as he was suffering from cancer that affected his health. highly immunocompromised, placing it among the at-risk groups. This, coupled with his advanced age, made matters worse.

About 84 years old

It is noteworthy that the number of anti-Corona vaccines that have been administered worldwide has reached 6 billion and 654 million doses so far.



Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell died at the age of 84, after suffering complications from infection with the emerging corona virus, according to what his family announced in a statement.

Powell is the first black US Secretary of State, and with many Republican administrations he played a prominent role in shaping US foreign policy in the later years of the twentieth century and the early years of the twenty-first century.

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