Colors of the homeland | The bride of Nile Nassar and her mother have fun in New York hours before the wedding


The American magazine “The People” said on Friday that Melinda French Gates and her daughter “Jennifer” enjoyed a day in New York City, hours before the wedding of “Jennifer”, daughter of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, to her fiance, the Egyptian knight. Nile Nassar.

The American magazine added that Melinda and Jennifer arrived last Wednesday at the Plaza Hotel before the latter’s wedding, noting that Melinda, 57, wore a distinctive pink dress, while the 25-year-old bride chose a white dress.

A source for the American “People”: The wedding will be big

For his part, a source told “The People”, that the wedding will be big, while the American magazine indicated that the ceremony will take place in Westchester County, a county in New York State.

Jennifer is the eldest daughter of Melinda and her ex-husband Bill Gates, and the couple finalized their divorce last August.

Melinda joined Jennifer in the pre-wedding celebrations, while the source indicated that Jennifer is very close to her mother, explaining that Melinda is a large part of the preparations for the wedding.

Since the couple separated, last August, Jennifer has spoken warmly of her parents, and the daughter of the Microsoft founder, about two weeks after her parents’ divorce ended, wrote: “Happy birthday to our unique mother, woman and hero,” adding: “I wish you the biggest celebrations.” Today and the most wonderful year to come.”

Jennifer also spent time with her father, Bill Gates, and said in a comment on a picture with him last May, “Nothing is better than spending quality time with family members.”

She was the eldest daughter of the founder of Microsoft, announced her engagement to the Egyptian knight Nile Nassar In January 2020, she said, commenting on Nayel Nassar’s photo: “Nayel Nassar, you are unique, you completely swept me away last weekend.”

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, growing, laughing and loving together, yes a million times,” added the Microsoft founder’s daughter.

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