Colors of the homeland | The story of the old man “Tariq” after years of homelessness: “He was a pasha and a member of a well-known club.”


A luxurious life where a good life and abundant money lived, a person lived throughout his life and after the death of his parents due to the millions he inherited, but life in a moment changed and changed after he was swindled by his uncle, who seized his inheritance and fled abroad.

The story of the old homeless: He was a member of a big club

This pathetic tale is a summary of a life fifties old man His name is “Tariq”, who appeared in a broadcast on the “Al-Watan” page, and he tells the details of the suffering he lived for nearly 12 years, as homelessness in the streets after the bliss of life stolen from him, according to him, explaining: “I have sugar and it always clears a coma and after the death of my father. I made a power of attorney for my uncle to manage my money and suddenly he traveled abroad with all my money.”

The drunken coma, which was a major reason for the old man in his fifties losing his money, was also a door to his obtaining a shelter from street homelessness, where he fell unconscious on the ground in front of one of the famous clubs in Zamalek, of which he was once a member; So someone decides to contact the Maan Foundation to save a human being.

Comment of the director of the Together to Save a Human Foundation

Mahmoud Waheed, director of the Together to Save a Human Foundation, told Al-Watan that a member of a famous club in Zamalek submitted a report of a person suffering from homelessness and bruises all over his body; To move to the place and transport the person in question to the hospital at first in order to check on his health, pointing out that his current condition is stable, but he is psychologically affected as a result of what he went through.

The director of the Together to Save a Human Foundation added that they are currently seeking to check on his health and then start a field research to reach his uncle or a member of his family.

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