Confirmation of Klopp .. The numbers reveal the superiority of Mohamed Salah by a large margin over Messi and Ronaldo


Mohamed Salah, the national team star, continued his amazing performance with Liverpool this season and managed to score a wonderful goal against Watford in the match that took place yesterday in the eighth round of the English Premier League, to raise his score to 7 goals in the top scorer in the Premier League, equal to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy. .

And after his special goal yesterday against Watford, and he preceded him more distinguished against Manchester City in the last round, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that he has the best player in the world right now He said in a television interview after the big win over Watford by five yesterday: “Messi and Ronaldo dominated everything for many years, but there is no better player than Mohamed Salah at the moment.”

Klopp's reaction to Salah's goal against Watford

Klopp’s reaction to Salah’s goal against Watford

Klopp’s comments came after the great brilliance of the Egyptian king since his move to Liverpool and his glow in the current season in which he continues to break records, the last of which was yesterday when he reached 104 goals in the English Premier League, equaling Ivorian Drogbas number as the most goals scored in African history in the history of the Premier League.

While Mohamed Salah is performing astonishingly with Liverpool, the legendary duo Messi (34 years) and Ronaldo (36 years) have significantly declined with Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United, respectively, as the Liverpool star outperformed the duo in everything after about two months after the match. The beginning of the season so far, in the duos stadium, the numbers that Messi and Ronaldo dominated and outperformed everyone for more than 15 years, and the time came for the pharaoh to outperform the living legends.

Comparing Mohamed Salah with Ronaldo and Messi
Comparing Mohamed Salah with Ronaldo and Messi

وفقًا لموقع “Whoscored“The statistician, Salah has participated in more matches than Messi and Ronaldo so far, as the Reds star started the season from its beginning with the team, at a time when Ronaldos participation with Manchester and Messi with Paris was delayed after their transfer after the start of the season after the end of his first career with Juventus and the second with Barcelona Last summer.

At the level of the league, Salah participated in 8 matches against 4 for Ronaldo, including a match as a substitute and 2 for Messi, one for the main and the other as a substitute in the French League.

The total minutes of Salah’s participation reached 720 minutes, compared to 190 for Messi and 393 for Ronaldo so far.

Salah scored 7 and made 4 against 3 for Ronaldo, and Messi has not scored in the league so far, and neither of them has scored goals.

At the level of the average of shots per match, Cristiano excelled by a small difference, as Salah scored 4.1 per game, compared to 4.2 for Ronaldo and 3 for Messi.

And in the percentage of correct passes, Messi outperformed by 85.4%, compared to 84.3 for Ronaldo and 80.4 for Salah.

Ronaldo excelled in the air games and managed to extract 0.6 balls per game, compared to 0.4 for Salah and 0.3 for Messi.

Salah won the Man of the Match award 3 times, compared to one for Ronaldo, and Messi has not achieved it with Paris so far.

Salah got a rating of 8.21/10 based on his performance in the current season from the site, compared to 7.03 for Messi and 6.94 for Ronaldo.

defensive performance
defensive performance

As for the defensive performance, Salah also outperformed the duo in most statistics, and Salah’s intervention rate reached 0.6 per game, compared to 0.3 for Messi. Ronaldo has not interfered with the opponents so far.

Salah also excelled in intercepting the ball by 0.3 per game, compared to 0.2 for Ronaldo, and Messi has not intercepted any opponents’ ball so far.

offensive performance
offensive performance

Salah excelled in goals and making them, but the surprise this season came in the successful dribbling and creating opportunities, as he dribbled at a rate of 2.4 successful dribbling in the match, compared to 2 for Messi and 0.4 for Ronaldo.

He also created an average of 2.5 chances for his teammates per match, compared to 1.7 for Messi and 0.8 for Ronaldo.

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