Courtois explodes against UEFA and FIFA: ‘They only care about money’


Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois exploded, criticizing the International Football Association “FIFA” as well as the European “UEFA”, stressing that they only care about collecting money.

The Belgian national team participated in the European Nations League Championship, and finished fourth after losing to its Italian counterpart 2-1 in the match to determine the fourth place. Watch the goals here

During statements reported by the Catalan newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, Courtois said: “We played these matches because they generate money in addition to the European Union for the game. Look at the formation of the two teams. If any of us reached the final, other players participated in the meeting. This means that we played a lot.” of matches.”

He added: “UEFA has held an additional tournament (conference league), the same is always there is no interest in the players, they only care about filling their pockets with money.”

He continued: “When will we rest? We hear proposals about the European Championship and the World Cup. We are not robots. There are more matches and no one cares about us.”

He concluded: “Next year, we have the World Cup in November, and we have to play until the end of June. Certainly the players will be injured… and no one cares.”


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