“Crazy collapse” a decline in gold prices today, Saturday, October 16, 2021, 21 and 18 karat, and the gold pound for sale and purchase


Gold prices today, we get to know them through the following from the next paragraphs, and the price of gold has reached price levels that were not expected, and this is as indicated by the expectations of experts, the global stock exchange and the local stock exchange data that follows, and through our next lines we present the most important information about gold and the most important Details about the price changes that have occurred in it, which indicated a noticeable increase in its levels, and this is on different types of gold karat.

Gold prices today

In this paragraph, we address the price of 24 carat gold, as the price for this type of gold bullet is higher than the other types of bullets. Ninety Egyptian pounds is on the rise after a steady decline that lasted for more than two weeks.

The price of gold of twenty-one karat 21

Gold of this caliber is also the best as it is among the purest types of gold, as its price reached about seven hundred and seventy-five Egyptian pounds, an unprecedented rise since more than fourteen days of decline and stability.

18 karat gold price

As for this type of gold, it is among the most types of gold bullets, which are the best in terms of price per gram, but it is more filled with impurities than the previous two types, and through the local stock exchange data on minerals, it was found that the price has been fixed at the limit of about six hundred And sixty-five Egyptian pounds, and its price is free of workmanship.


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