Days after the marriage .. An Indian young man sells his wife for a “mobile” .. Video


In a shocking incident, an Indian young man sold his wife in order to buy a new smartphone; A month before their marriage, the 17-year-old decided to sell his 26-year-old wife to a 55-year-old man in Rajasthan for 18,000 rupees ($2,668).

The teenager spent the money on eating and bought himself a smart phone. When the young groom returned, the people of his village of Odisha, on the northeastern coast of India, noticed the absence of his wife, and the wife’s parents asked him about her, and he said: She ran away with another man.

They did not believe his story and made a report at the police station, which reviewed his phone call record. They discovered the story and arrested him. When a team of police went to Rajasthan to track the wife, they faced great difficulties and the residents did not allow the police to retrieve her until after recovering their money.

The police brought the underage husband to the juvenile court and he is expected to face a prison sentence in the correctional home.

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