Despite its decline of 10 pounds at the end of trading, gold records a weekly rise of 5 pounds


This week, we witnessed waves of change in the price of gold, down and up, as gold rose by about 15 pounds in the middle of this week until last Thursday, then declined. gold price 10 pounds at the close of trading on Friday, which is the closing day of the global gold market, but the precious metal remained superior and rose about 5 pounds when measuring the price of gold at the beginning of the week over the closing price of trading.

The global price of the yellow metal rose from 1760 dollars at the end of trading last Tuesday to 1800 dollars with the opening of trading on Thursday, as gold received great support from the fears of inflation waves that hit European countries and the United States of America.

And gold prices took their way to decline on Friday, October 15, after the rise in US bond yields and an unexpected increase in retail sales in September weakened the attractiveness of the precious metal as a safe haven, causing gold to lose 1.5% of its value, bringing prices to levels of $ 1767 per ounce, and US gold futures fell. 1.7% when settling to $ 1768.30 an ounce.

Gold prices recorded in Egypt are now 18 karat at 664 pounds, 21 karat records 775 pounds, 24 karat records 886 pounds, the gold pound is 6200 pounds, and an ounce of gold is 1767 dollars

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