Details of Nuland’s visit to Russia revealed


Details of Nuland's visit to Russia revealed


The agency “Novosti” quoted a senior diplomatic source in Moscow, that the visit of Victoria Nuland, US Deputy Secretary of State to Russia, during which no deals were concluded with Washington on Ukraine.

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Nuland: My talks in the Kremlin administration were

“I can assure you that we didn’t do any deals on Ukraine with Nuland, there were no bargains or deals,” the source told the agency, during the visit, which the source described as “exploratory.”

“After Nuland was appointed to her current position, including responsibility for overseeing Russian-American relations, her main task was to see if there was an opportunity to progress down this path,” he said. “The Ukraine file was an additional assignment.” I had it with Dmitri Kosack. We proceed from the fact that it was an exploratory meeting.”

The source stressed that Russia is ready to hold new contacts with the United States on Ukraine, “if there is mutual interest in it.”

Nuland visited Russia from October 11-13 and held meetings with her Russian counterpart Sergei Ryabkov, Russian Presidential Affairs Deputy Head Dmitry Kozak and Yuri Ushakov, the Russian President’s aide.

Source: “Novosti”

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